How IT Works

If you’ve found our website and you’re interested in making money from your old car, it’s natural you’ll want to know a bit more about what we do and how things will go if you decide to sell.

So, exactly how does the whole process work?

We don’t like to complicate things, so we’ve made sure everything’s simple. Simple enough to be summed up in three steps:

Step One. Fill out our online form. By doing this, you’re making sure you get the best price for your car. The more info you give us, the better, as it’ll help us give you the right offer.

Step Two. Bring your car to our office, and relax while we give the car a thorough – and entirely free – inspection to make sure everything matches up.

Step Three. Get paid. Yes, it’s that simple: once the inspection’s over and everyone’s happy, we’ll make you an offer on the spot.

(Oh, and once we’ve bought your car, we’ll provide a taxi service to take you back home.)

Three steps, that’s it. Three steps that will turn a car you don’t want into money you definitely do.

If you’re ready to go, the whole process can be done in no time at all. Fill out our contact form and get things started today.



Fill in our form or pick up the phone and call us, so you can give us all the information we need about the car so we can give you a fair price.

Step 1


Bring your car in for an inspection, and we’ll double check everything and get the sale ready, and check the relevant paperwork.

Step 2


Pocket your profit from the sale, as cash, check or through a direct bank transfer. Then enjoy a taxi service back home.

Step 3

Free Online Car Valuation!No registration required

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