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If you want to sell your old vehicle to get a new one, then MeBuyCar offers free car valuation in Dubai, and we are the premium website which provides this service. It is essential to make sure that your used car gets the right value and the process is straightforward and uncomplicated. Unless you get your car to the right people who know the automobile business entirely, it is always a challenge to get the best value for your vehicle. We help you in assessing the worth of your car online and make the process of sale effortless. Most people try to sell their car by themselves, but they do not have any experience in the used car market. Therefore, they sell their vehicles at less money than the actual worth. Our professional and reputable services make sure that you get a complete car valuation and sell your vehicle quickly and profitably. We offer a realistic and fair assessment of your car and help in its successful sale.

Our Valuation Services Include

  • Free Online Instant Car ValuationMost people take money for car evaluations and this is not in the benefit of the customer. We, at MeBuyCar, provide a free and easy online instant car valuation.
  • Free Car InspectionThe car inspection is the most important preparation for car sales. In order for vehicle assessment to be correct and precise, all relevant factors should be considered.
  • Guarantee to purchase Any Car in 30 MinutesWe provide free inspection of the car and tell you the value of it in less than 20 minutes. There are no hidden costs or any hassle throughout the process.
  • Instant PaymentYou will receive the payment for your vehicle within 30 minutes of the sale. You can choose the method of payment like cash, cheque, or bank transfer.
  • PaperworkThe paperwork is kept to a bare minimum and just the required papers are used for any sale. The valuation of your vehicle is completely free and devoid of any paperwork.

How Online Used Car Valuation Works?

  • Fill in the valuation form or call us directly for your car details and get a fair and reasonable price.
  • After the process of valuation, you can get your car thoroughly inspected by our trusted technicians. We will then make sure that the sale is ready, and the relevant paperwork is carried out.
  • Once the sale is completed, you will receive instant payment through cash, cheque, or bank transfer. You can enjoy a free taxi ride back home to anywhere in the UAE.

Customer Reviews

I was anxious about selling my car, but I could not have done it without MeBuyCar. I tried selling it by myself and it did not work. So glad to have the help of real professionals.

When selling my car after four years, I did not know whether I would get a good price. Thanks to MeBuyCar, I got the best value for my second-hand car.