Reasons To Sell Your Car In Dubai

MeBuyCar is an established auto purchase business that strives in providing hassle-free transaction of your online car sale. What separates us from the competition is the accurate car value as per the model presented. We will buy absolutely any car that you wish to sell, and pay a reasonable rate for the privilege. Below are the reasons on why choose MeBuyCar as your platform to sell your car.

Car Sale Within 30 Minutes

MeBuyCar ensures to sell your car within 30 minutes after the quotation is provided. Our fast and efficient service involves no unnecessary charges but straight gets to the point of sale. You shall also receive our car loan settlements service on your vehicle.

Fair Value

There are numerous sales options open to you, however, not all buyers provide a reasonable price on your vehicle. We do not play any games but provide the accurate value of the car being offered. We'll send you a quote that is fair to both parties to create a win-win transaction.

Choice of Payment

MeBuyCar offers convenient modes of your payment once your car has been sold. This ranges from bank transfer, cheque and even instant at the point of your sale. The payment will always be accurate without any hidden charges.

Free Valuation And Car Inspection

Our valuations services are absolutely free and you would know exactly the amount you would receive once the car is sold. Car inspection is another important element carried out by our team of experts for no cost. With this, you will receive the approximate amount your car is worth swiftly.

We Will Buy Any Car

MeBuyCar is established on providing services for any brought in. This incorporates old, new, outdated, or even shunned models or even slightly damaged ones. Regardless of the condition of the automobile, we'll ensure to offer you the financial remuneration in return. This also includes cars that are on loan settlements and we shall resolve your car debts before the sale has been done.

Less Time Consuming

The process of selling a car is often long, tiring and grueling but with us you will not face any of that. No time would be wasted on unnecessary advertising, documentation etc. but you will be given the direct rational value of the car within the first 20 minutes.

Minimal Paperwork

Some car selling procedures involve car owners to fill in huge amounts of paperwork before transferring the auto to any willing buyer. We ensure this is reduced to the minimum and before we result in an immediate transfer of ownership on your behalf.