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There are many problems that you will encounter when looking for the value of used cars. These are some of the most common:

Non-professionals are unaware of the many factors that must be considered when evaluating a car. To make room for negotiations, you often rate your car much lower than your expectations and the actual price of the car.
When buyers discover a repair or maintenance problem in their car, they call their dealers and mechanics to make an offer. These mechanics must prefer them, which is why they claim that repair costs are higher. This significantly reduces the value of your car.
There are not enough car buyers on the market for the particular car you want to sell. As a result, you have to wait months before anyone approaches you. At this time, your car has written off even more.
Your search for "UAE Car Assessment" and you will find several options, but not all are legitimate and user friendly. They keep their margins high and deliberately consider their car low.
Many car dealerships do not have websites where they have to personally visit them for a review.

We have made it simpler for our customers to opt for used car valuation as there is no wait for receiving a green signal in response to valuation process. You can receive money within 30 minutes and the procedure is very simple as our presence online is 24x7 with a user friendly online valuation and our car inspection is absolutely free.