Benefits of MeBuyCar doesn’t’ charge admin fees. It’s that simple. You sell us the car, and we pay you. No sneaky extra costs. Even if we decide not to buy the car – and that’s rare - our inspection service is still completely FREE. No obligation, no pressure, no charges. Just an easy service designed to help you sell your car as quickly and easily as possible.

The process is 100% guaranteed and we offer instant payment. Once the sale’s all agreed, you get paid straight away. No hanging around, no masses of paperwork.

We just pay you via cheque, cash or bank transfer; whichever you prefer, and we will provide you a FREE ride home with the money in your pocket. Get in touch today


Fair price

We promise we’ll buy any car, and at a fair price.

Step 1

Totally FREE

We don’t charge, and we don’t pressure you. Our valuation is totally FREE.

Step 2

Work fast

We work fast. Our inspection will take minutes.

Step 3

Pay immediately

We pay immediately. Cash, check or bank transfer. Whichever suits you.

Step 4

Free Online Car Valuation!No registration required

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